Los Angeles PhoneGap User Group

A Community of Developers or Designers who use PhoneGap/HTML5 in the Los Angeles Area

Note from the User Group Manager:

We have regular intro to PhoneGap sessions, checkout the meetup page for more details, http://www.laphonegap.org.

HTCdev's Phonegap Integration, Debugging with Weinre and Deploying with PhoneGap Build

We recorded the presentations.

First presentation and Most of second presentation are here:http://goo.gl/12o0X 
HTCDev's presentation (Lance Nanek and Michael Ludden) starts at 7:00 minutes.

Weinre & PhoneGap Build (Ryan Stewart) at 44:00 minutes. 
End of second presentation here (last 15 minutes):http://goo.gl/qFFwp 

More information about this meetup can be seen here: http://www.meetup.com/laphonegap/events/48814092/

Upcoming Events

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